: OBD2 / iPhone 4 / Bluetooth / ELM327 ????

05-12-11, 06:49 AM
I need an OBD2 reader (bluetooth) for my 05īSTS and
Iīve found an ELM327 with bluetooth on eBay...

My ELM327 without runs great with the STS
what is with the bluetooth version and my iPhone 4 ?

What is the best app for these unit ?


05-12-11, 10:11 AM
I use the the PLXDevices.com kiwi wifi module with my STS. For the iPhone I'm using REV iPhone app from DevToaster. However, I don't see any sign that REV or any of the other OBD iPhone apps support bluetooth, they just support wifi.

05-12-11, 03:29 PM

can I use the wifi version only with my iPhone at any place or must I install the OBD scanner at my network computer ?

05-12-11, 04:28 PM
You can use either a phone based app or a laptop. These devices are aimed at showing you live data. REV can save a data set and email it so you could review in on a regular computer with more advanced OBD software.

More details here -> http://www.devtoaster.com/products/rev/

05-13-11, 10:50 PM
I use the Android app called Torque with a blue tooth Chinese ELM327. It's amusing. Also can view live data from a laptop, but haven't found a good application for Windows.