View Full Version : V dash emblem losing color

05-12-11, 05:38 AM
The V dash emblem above the glove box has lost the red portion of the "flag" on my '06. I've noticed something relevant to this emblem's loss of colors, but can't seem to find the thread. Has anyone experienced this? An ebay search doesn't reveal a new dash emblem available (today, anyway) and I haven't a clue to the part number.

I suppose touch-up paint, carefully applied, would suffice... or I can contact a dealer and source a new emblem or part number to search with. Just curious if anyone here had experienced this issue. Thanks!

05-19-11, 11:36 PM
The parts counter at any Caddy dealer will be able to look that up ... and see if the emblem by itself is available (even for a newer car than yours), or whether you have to spend a $grand on a new dash pad with emblem attached! Bill