: Mystery DIC messages

05-11-11, 09:06 AM
2010 CTS-V, manual transmission, 4500 miles. Car has been trouble free.

Driving down the highway at around 60. TPMS warning light suddenly started blinking, and DIC said "service TPMS" or some such thing. I scrolled through the DIC readouts, and there was no number for the right front tire reading; just a dash. I pulled over to check the tire, and all was fine. Pressure normal. I kept driving for 2 more hours, making several stops for food and fuel. The warning persisted.

I parked the car overnight. When I started it in the morning, I set the parking brake for a second; there was no tire warning. When I started moving, the DIC gave me a warning to "service parking brake." I stopped the car, tried to set and reset the parking brake. after a few tries, the warning stopped.

The weather was dry and mild, and the car was close to sea level.

That was about 10 days ago. Everything has been perfectly normal ever since. Anybody else get occasional mystery messages? I have had, with other cars, "self-test" errors on start up, but they have never persisted and they do not come on all of a sudden while driving unless something really is wrong.......

05-11-11, 12:27 PM
09 6MT, have the car about a month. Same thing as you, only left rear. Tire was fine, had Onstar run diag while I was driving and it did code for "wireless system not functioning, service at your convenience". Drove another 400 miles, after stop to refuel error went away and I am getting tire pressure reading again. Unless I see it again, I'll wait until next dealer service and include this if/when a bigger issue arises.

05-11-11, 06:50 PM
Possibly a faulty tire pressure sensor?

05-11-11, 08:35 PM
if it was just the tire pressure sensor indication, that would be a likely conclusion. But when it went away and was replaced by a "parking brake" error message, I am now wondering if there might be something faulty at the system level.

Maybe I drove past some secret government installation and a jamming signal sent it haywire (after all I do live within a mile of CIA's Langley HQ, and this did happen within a day of a certain CIA-led operation in Pakistan)

In any event, Ok for now. Will mention during it's next "regular" visit to eWill3rd, or bring it in if there is a persistent problem.