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05-10-11, 09:40 PM

I have a great 85 Fleetwood Brougham dí Elegance 4 door that I sadly need to sell and would like some help with a few small nagging issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated:

1) The driver side rearview mirror is very loose and has been for as long as I have owned it (about 10 years). The entire mirror housing just loosely hangs on the post but I cannot find any access to any sort of bolt. Not sure how it is attached but it sure has been a trouper.

2) Recently, the metal leaf emblem that goes around the trunk lock fell off (luckily in the driveway and not while on the road). What is the best way to re-attach.

3) Any advice on cleaning the vinyl roof or the engine? I'm tempted to leave the engine alone for fear of messing something up but there are a few black marks on an otherwise great vinyl top that I would really like removed.

Once again, any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

05-10-11, 09:46 PM
1. Mirror is held with nuts from inside the door. Door panel needs to come off.
2. Use emblem glue.
3. To clean the roof, try diluted Simple Green with a short bristled nylon brush. To get spots off, use Goo Gone. Then, treat with something like 303. No Armor All.
3.5. Cleaning the engine depends on how dirty it is. For dusty, mist with Windex, then hose off. Spray Armor All every where, then wash excess off and wipe down. For really grimy, use a foaming engine cleaner and a brush before rinsing.

05-10-11, 11:21 PM
For the emblem, go to a local body shop. With something small like that, they will probably reattach it for free. Otherwise, get a small tube of 3M plastic emblem adhesive; it works perfectly on metal emblems. Before reattaching it, scrape off all of the black, factory adhesive residue.

After getting the spots off the vinyl top, you can make it look new by wiping it down with Murphy's Oil Soap. It is a very cost effective solution, since your selling the car, and it will give the top a glossy wet shine.

I use Armor All cleaning wipes on my engine but a roll of paper towels and some white vinegar would work too. Just clean all of the surfaces you can see when the hood is open (you don't need to disconnect anything or degrease the intake). Then take some Armor All protectant wipes and wipe down all of the heater hoses, vacuum lines, the front clip, fire wall, and any other plastic pieces you can reach.

05-13-11, 04:38 PM
Thanks so much for the help Jay and Sven. I'm still a bit confused on the mirror though and I think it's due to my description above. So to clarify, I made a quick video. Check it out here:
Do I still need to take off the door panel to fix?

And lastly, my vinyl top still looks great however, it is begining to show signs of cracking, especially around the rear window. I'm sure there is no way to repair what damage is already there, but is there anything I can do to help prevent further cracks? Would Murphy's Oil Soap or 303 do the trick? Thanks again!

05-13-11, 04:43 PM
sorry, video link did not work

05-13-11, 04:46 PM
Here is the correct video link to my mirror problem:


05-13-11, 04:55 PM
Now I understand. Not sure how to fix that, but you can clearly see a screw in between the two parts when you pan down and look at the gap. Either the screw is loose, or the part that it screws into is stripped. Try moving the mirror all the way to one side and look behind to see what you can find. I am thinking that it threads from the bottom, though. That would mean taking it off the door. Someone must have a spare that they can check.

As for the top, not much you can do if it is cracking. Clean it, treat it, enjoy until it is time for a new one.

05-15-11, 02:17 PM
Screw inside mirror base needs tightening. Door panel come off first, then mirror comes off. Then you invert mirror to access screw. Tighten, then reverse procedure.