View Full Version : Carb to EFI: When?

10-11-04, 11:34 AM
When did Cadillac biggin to change from carberated to fuel injected?

Night Wolf
10-11-04, 04:51 PM
FI was optional in the '70s

in 1981, FI was on the 368 (V8-6-4)

1982 is when the HT4100 became the main enigne, that was DFI (Digital Fuel Injection... in todays terms, TBI)

the HT4100 wast hen put in the FWD DeVille in 1985, but 1986-1989 Brougam (RWD) had the Ols 307... carb (not sure aobut 1985)

1990, the Brougham got the CHevy 305 which was TBI, or the 350 which was also TBI.... by then, all other models (4.5/4.9) were PFI....

... so it started in the 70's... but really happened in the early 80's...with the exception of the Brougham with the 307...

10-11-04, 05:24 PM
1990 with the 5L didn't have fuel injection.