: Key Fob "Left in Car"

05-10-11, 01:37 PM
I get this message when I leave my purse with the extra key fob in the car. I'm wondering if by leaving the extra fob in the car could someone come along and open the door or does the fob have to be outside the car for it to unlock?

I was also thinking along the same line about how a key fob would work at a carwash. Prior to the SRX I simply left the key in the ignition and the personnel would move the car on the line then drive it to the drying/detail area. If the SRX is configured for delayed lock then by the time the car got thru the wash line it would be locked. Would they have the ability to unlock it if the fob was in the car?

Smokin' SRX
05-10-11, 05:18 PM
Sounds like you have the optional Keyless Access on your Luxury SRX, avail in 2011 for first time on other than Premium models. I'm guessing Yes? And you always have 2 fobs with you?

I'd take just 1 fob with me in the car, leave the eng running, take the fob with me when I get out at the car wash, and use the below one-time per use trick to prevent a lockout, should they shut OFF the eng.

So, if you/they are shutting the eng OFF at the car wash and then exiting, (most leave it running here) the 2nd remaining fob WILL be locked in the car after several seconds of closing all doors. No one will be able to enter until you bring your extra fob within 3' of the car again.

Either leave BOTH in the car with eng Off or ON, or simply leave the eng running
when you exit, taking 1 fob with you. Then even if they do shut the eng OFF, getting out and closing the doors, (which will lock them out!) you'll have at least one fob with you to walk over and hand to them.

Alternatively, you can program the doors NOT to Auto Lock ever, in your Config Menu, thus eliminating that concern no matter what's left where. Of course you then bear the burden of locking your SRX by Remote fob or from the outside drivers door handle, manually each time.

There is one other option thru a clever, temporary ,one-time per use, override when you go to the car wash. See the text from Sec 2 of the owners manual :

Keyless Locking

If the vehicle has the keyless
access system, this feature allows
you to select whether the doors
automatically lock during normal
vehicle exit. When the vehicle is
turned off and all doors become
closed, the vehicle will determine
how many keyless access
transmitters remain in the vehicle
interior. If at least one keyless
access transmitter has been
removed from the interior of the
vehicle, the doors will lock after
eight seconds.
If there are two keyless access
transmitters in the vehicle and
one is removed, the other will be
locked in. A person approaching
the outside of the locked vehicle
without an authorized keyless
access transmitter will not be able
to open the door, even with the
transmitter in the vehicle.

You may temporarily disable the
keyless locking feature by pressing
and holding the power door unlock
button on the instrument panel for
several seconds with a door open.
Keyless locking will then remain
disabled until the door lock switch
is pressed, or until the vehicle is
turned on.
To customize whether the doors
automatically lock when you exit
the vehicle, see “Passive Locking”

under Vehicle Personalization on
page 5‑42.

Hope that helps. Please try a dry run in your driveway first!! Finally, pls take a cell phone with you at the car wash! I've been locked out by attendants despite my best efforts and needed Onstar to get me in! 1 888 4 Onstar! LOL


05-10-11, 09:20 PM
Thanks so much for your reply. Good information.

05-11-11, 01:10 PM
Make one note I have gone to the self hand held spray washes and have had the warm water pressure actually lock the doors thinking it was a human touch on the exterior door handle thumb pad. Now I have not tried this with the fob in the srx for obvouis reasons of not wanting to be stranded at the car wash although I guess I could do it and worst case is call onstar for an unlock.

Smokin' SRX
05-14-11, 01:20 PM