: Fast Blinking Turn Signal

05-10-11, 05:42 AM
Recently this started to happen. It only happens went I use the Left turn signal, and not the right.

So I thought maybe some bulbs were burnt out at first, that wasn't the case. I replaced the 2 left rear tail light bulbs late last year sometime, so they can't be bad. I went ahead and installed a new side marker bulb since that was never changed.

Well that didn't fix the problem. What I noticed though while I had the left turn signal going, standing behind the car, the rear left middle bulb in the tail light housing wasn't fully illuminating when it was flashing. It's like something isn't providing full power to that socket, because the other ones were flashing fully. When I have the headlights turned on, all the bulbs look ok, even the one I just mentioned, it lights up fine. Only when I use the turn signal, it doesn't fully light up.

I even switched out different bulbs to see if it would fix it, it still didn't help.

Could this be a bad socket issue or failing Turn Signal Switch? The wiring looks ok, and nothing looks bent or cut. The contacts inside the connector don't have any corrosion. It's my guess from years of being exposed to harsh Illinois Winters, and the recent over kill of California rain storms the past few months could of ruined the socket housing.

How do you test for a bad socket? I am really retarded when it comes to electrical stuff :tard:

05-11-11, 12:49 PM
My 88 Does the same thing. It never really bothered me enough to track down the problem. I have a bad habit of not using my turn signals anyway!

05-11-11, 02:33 PM
My left turn signal does the same thing on my 1994 brougham. I replaced the left bottom and right bottom bulbs, but only the left side turn signal blinks twice as fast. I wish I knew how to fix the problem.

05-13-11, 05:06 AM
Well I found out that the original owner had a trailer hitch, and a after market connector to some trailer lights.

Some wires were cut and and spliced to the tail light wiring to accommodate the extra trailer lights which I found. So I fixed everything, making sure no wires were coming apart or falling apart. Everything nicely secured now.

Even after the wire repair, I continue to have the fast blinking action only on the left side.

I am staring to think the Flasher itself could be bad. I will replace that, and see what happens.

05-14-11, 06:20 AM
So I went ahead and replaced the flasher relay, and it fixed the problem. It flashes normal now both left and right signals.

But I am still having issues with that one bulb not lighting up fully, so the next the thing to do is replace the socket.