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10-11-04, 08:33 AM
Bummer bought 1996 Seville STS.
car should have HD in it somewhere....repair repair...drive 20 miles repair repair
Have had car 2 weeks now....still not dependable. So far. trying to get liquids to quit flowing. New Radiator.....someone crossthreaded the trans cooling lines. (probably changing alternator)
Changed trans filter and fluid...Woah did work my self....Cost fluids/filter/radiator/transmission sensor...300.00
Then trans sensor for dreaded p0717...by the way all say to replace inside trans...hmmm I bought one that is a sensor at end of driveline...pass. side.
Don't know if it will cure the problem, car don't run long enough to find out..its eight miles off mountain to town...still havent made it.
Motor Mounts....hmm info here wrong again...needed two torque legs and one engine mount...thanks to info, didn't check myself, ordered wrong one.
cost 150...still lacking one needed mount..and have one for sale.
Newest development....rusted taillight, needed simple bulb replaced...hmm not in the HDC (Harley Davidson Cadillac) Now Battery No Charge....Cost one battery, and guess what a alternator also... Well lets see...Got 1K now invested in repairs hundreds of hours of wrenching, for leaking unreliable PRETTY RED CAR. Still leaking quarts of oil...did stop the antifreeze and trans leaks. Garage looks like a clunker has been parked in there, have never had fluids on garage floor, but then again don't own Harleys anymore and till now never owned a Cad. Hey maybe I can post pictures on here of my pretty red car, cause darn sure you won't see it on the road... People complain about 2 dollar premium gas...oh to be so lucky.
Still have 3/4 of first tank bought. But hey bright side, we had big party, all my friends came to see PRETTY RED CADILLAC leaking in garage.
Sorry if I sound so bleak, the car is beautiful only wish I could drive it.
Dealer said it would make a trip 1K miles, when I picked it up in Ft Worth...Made it 100 miles, then towed the remaining 400 miles home.
One thing is for sure, if I had read this board before I purchased the Caddy, I would have been a caddyless and happy man.

BlackBart signing off...too bad not riding off into the sunset....
Good thing I kept the 97 Grand Prix GTP or I would be walking.

10-11-04, 09:21 AM
hehehe i remeber those days , leaking all fluids outside fuel (litteraly)

took 6 months to whip her into shape , but now its leak free and for the most part trouble free (some nitpicky electrical gremlins)....

you need to decide if you want to keep it or not , ive done so much now that i cant stand to get rid of it .....good side is its reliable as hell now , been 12k since ive been left stranded with a busted waterpump ......

10-11-04, 05:06 PM
Welcome Bart!

Sorry to hear of your caddy problems. Most I know do not have that many. Good luck. Thanks for joining the forum.

10-11-04, 05:18 PM
Agreed... Look at it this way..... youll have EVERYTHING done in one swoop and not hvae to ever worry about it again......!

... In a perfect world!

welcome aboard!

10-11-04, 10:29 PM
Hi all thanks for the hearty welcome. :thumbsup:
Just spent the last several hours getting the car ready to put new motor mount in and fix alternator.....hoping it is only brushes...5 bucks. Mount should be here tomorrow afternoon...Was right one....my appologies.
Amazes me how you have 3 hours of work just to get to the part you want to work on....but big V-8 turned sideways...has to be some drawbacks...But bright side, so far everything has been very easy to work on....Not like FORD always has one bolt that needs special wrench and demans loss of 1 pint of blood. :worship: And air tools are a must with this car, glad my garage is so well equipped. :bouncy:
And yes all will be done...complete tune up/trans and radiator included. New battery and alternator...should be good for a few years...hope anyhow. Yes to much time and money invested now to back out...looks like 6500-7000 total.
Lot of money for old car with 113K.
AnyWho...thanks for the welcome....Be talking with you all soon..

10-11-04, 11:03 PM
Not like FORD always has one bolt that needs special wrench and demans loss of 1 pint of blood.

thats why im a GM man , after 4 years of working on fords for the military i swore id never own one ...there isnt much worse than a 351 in a 93 pickup

10-12-04, 10:43 AM
Welcome, Bart.. Jeez.. Sorry to hear about all the trouble.. If that were me, I'd be in for spending a lot of money. I don't have a garage and I'm not mechanically inclined.. Like already mentioned, look at the bright-side - when you're done with the repairs, you'll be driving a really great automobile.. It'll be worth the money and the effort.. Post some pictures in our image section when you find the time.. I'd love to see it...

10-21-04, 09:45 AM
Well all, lots of time and money later.....STS is on the road

Still intermittent error 717, but closing in on it fast.
Still some small fluid leaks, will go after this spring.

looks like could use some stabilizer bushings front and rear, still clunk, even after replacing 4 or 5 motor mounts....

But sure feels nice to ride again.....

Board helped with zeroing in on repairs and howto do them.

So as of today..
rebuilt alternator/battery
new radiator. antifreeze/barsleak
two new rear tailight bulb sockets and bulbs/grease
new plugs/ and oil change
2 new tires
trans sensor Wells SU1070 located on trans axle for PO716 error
new screens/ fluid in trans...WoW holds a lot of ATF
4 of 5 motor mounts....did not replace left trans mount.
2 new FOBS, thanks all for how to program them

Total for Parts........$1000.07.. yes 1K and 07 cents.
Labor.....Free (lil o me)

Update.. Car Dealership sent me 1K reinbursement for parts....kewl hey?
My hats off to Richard at RKO Auto Sales in Arlington, Tx.....Mainly deals in luxury cars...like caddy. My first big Ebay purchase..