: BMW 528 >> Seville STS

10-11-04, 02:22 AM
Hello Cadillac people,

I drive 528i -96 and am fascinated about -95 Seville STS.
What do you say, should I trade my beemer ?
What in general should I check on this STS before the purchase ?
Any known problems, things to know ... something ?
Caddy has 141000 km (about 90000 miles) in odometer. Much or little ??
What would be the best argument to convince my wife ?
Here in Finland gas is about 1 euro/liter and she surely will go bananas..


10-11-04, 07:36 PM
Electrical/Mechanical/Suspension problems - if there are any and being your so far from the US this will be expensive to repair. Normal shockabsorber replacement is expensive and is worth going to a "Non-Adaptive" shockabsorber - search the regular seville threads about this. Electrical/Mechanical/Suspension system problems can also happen on your BMW so its almost one in the same.

Engine - Headgaskets ; Northstar's also need to be Timeserted (new headbolts and rethreading of heads). Hard to repair being FWD.

Cooling: Overheating sometimes due to headgasket. Waterpump.

If you have green coolant then you'll need to add a "Bars Leaks Coolant Supplement" additive or simmular into the lower coolant hose, to keep the system from leaking and also healthy. If you have red/orange coolant then no.

Some of the problems ive listed dont always happen, but it can be an issue.

Fuel consumtion, a lil higher but not as much as you'd think for a high performance V8- Example using US prices: $1390 a year for the 528i $1539 a year for the STS. Meaning fuel consumption rates are simmular and not off by much for both.

Millage: Thats pretty good for the year.

Suggestions for wife: 300hp V8 for about the same cost for fuel as the BMW, a Unique American automobile with Unique looks. A nice ride. A Northstar DOHC V8! Its just as, and even more advanced (than your 528) with the addition of adaptive suspension to keep things smooth. :spin:

For further referance, use this section of Cadillac forums for the Seville :) : http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=4

10-11-04, 08:03 PM
You're in Finland? You should check out the legendary Cadillac Club of Finland then:


Back to topic, i wouldn't go for a Cadillac if i lived in Finland, mainly because it will be expensive to repair since Cadillac is an "import" in Finland,wheras while BMW is ALSO an import, its still from the same continent....

But if you can find some support from the cadillac club of finland, id say go for it.