: 2006 DTS Intermittent Leakage Causing Battery to go Dead Overnight

05-09-11, 01:57 PM
My parents bought a 2006 DTS to replace the old 96 STS.
Has been trouble free until the original battery went dead
- so they thought. New, dealer battery, did the same thing
ran the day before, dead the next morning. Works for
months at a time, then problem repeats. There's no
indication of an alternator problem, so I'm assuming that
it is some sort of leakage issue. I can pull fuses and
measure current, but it does not do it consistently.

Any known electrical issues?

Any suggestions for where to start - I don't think the
dealer is going to find it anytime soon.

They are not into ipods, cell phones, or any gadgets so they've
not added on any electronics through the lighter or whatever.