View Full Version : 98 Catera wont down shift and is in limp mode

05-09-11, 01:27 PM
I bought this car for 500 bucks, figured cant go wrong...I knew it needed a few things but the car is in immaculant condition inside and out...I have been reading the posts here and have been able to solve all the problems below, but this last one.

1. Running rough, code showed misfire, traced it to a bad coil, 75.00 from a junk yard. runs nice and smooth now.

2. speedo not working, Abs Module code, took the module off, soldered the two alluming wire back where they belong, actually pretty easy, speedo now works and abs talking to scanner now.

3. The car is still in limp mode, starts in 3rd gear it seems, I can manually shift through gears, from 1st to 2nd it kind of shutters like not a full engage, but once in feels good and smooth to 3rd and not sure on OD, but will not down shift at stop or acceleration. I get a P0743 and trans light and TCM lights are on as well as check engine...trans is not leaking fluid. The car did sit for a year, but since it shifts manually Im thinking the fluid and filter are ok. Fluid leven is fine.

What are the mostl likely causes for this, wiring, solenoid, I can not find anything that really explains this well..talked to a couple trans guys they just want to start throwing parts at it. I like to isolate the problems, but just would like to know if anyone has had experience with this specific issue?

05-09-11, 02:52 PM
Update on below, again info I found on this forum...My TTC connector at trans was actually poped up and disconnected, just old and not locked down...that solved the trans issue, shifting and OD is working as it should now...