: Speakers issue (front door speakers & tweeters)

05-09-11, 12:51 PM
first off Hello to everyone. I just joined this forum. very very informative.
I'll begin with I have a 1993 Allante (pearl red). I'm a stereo guy. I've been installing stereos in my own & family vehicles for about 30+ years. I have never run into a system so insanely wired. I tried to tap into the woofers & tweeter wires from the back amp plugs. (the stock head unit sounds like crap). you can't change the head unit in the dash to an aftermarket which we all know. so I put a deck behind the passenger seat. a 4 ch amp in the trunk space. I wanted to run the drivers in the door & the 4 tweeters off my amp & leave the rear deck speakers to the main head unit for radio broadcasts. I unplugged the connectors from the trunk mounted amps & the plug from the the reciever control box located behind the side panel in the trunk. I tapped into the existing wires for all speakers except the rear. well the balance from left to right basically has no effect. sound comes from both doors when balance is all the way to either Left or Right side. I have the service manual for my exact year. I have all the wiring diagrams. so it doesn't show anywhere that the speakers are inter connected somehow. I tapped into the driverside speakers ONLY & both the driver door & the passenger door speakers play. WTF! I didn't want to have to tear the door panels off & re run my own wiring to all the speakers. the rear deck speakers balance is normal (left is left & visa versa)... all the tweeters are the same as the full range woofers, play on both sides even when you shift the balance to either side. any idea on how these are wired behind the door?

I can post the wiring diagram from the book if anyone would like to see it. again I have been doing this a long time so i've checked the diagrams & all my connections MULTIPLE times for mistakes (all is good). oh yeah the spekers also sound out of phase. tin sounding when bal is in the middle & very bassy when all the way to one side or the other on the balance.

I hope I've given enough information. I'll be working on this all day. & i'll be checking for replies all day. I hope someone can help. thank you all.