: Sad Day for the Fleetwood

05-09-11, 12:16 PM
1.) I just bought my 1984 Fleetwood Brougham d'Elegance a few days ago. It has 83k original miles and the story is that the original owner died in 1990 and the car sat in storage until 2000 when it was auctioned at estate sale. I bought it from the guy who bought it at the sale in 2000. Unfortunately he has basically used the car as a third car for the last eleven years, never stored inside and really didn't maintain it well at all. I saw pictures of it when he bought it and it looked gorgeous and now the top is cracking, paint faded etc. He drove it very little. He claims that about 5-6 years ago one morning tranny wouldn't go into drive and he had it rebuilt. I test drove it of course and the tranny seemed to operate fine. Bought it and had to drive home 30 miles. On the highway it was surging and acting strange. The next morning when cold it was surging then when shifted into 4th it started jumping between 3rd and 4th rapidly. I released the accelerator, manually shifted into third and when it warmed up put it back in 4th and it was okay. Got to work and checked tranny fluid and it was not registering on dipstick hot-yikes. Added 3 quarts and it was full. Immediately the surging stopped-must have been t.c. locking/unlocking? It was so much happier. The only thing it was doing is seems to revv a long time and harshly shift from 2nd-3rd-4th on highway. But no slipping or surging. Drove it nearly 300 miles last few days-loving it. Plan on fixing it up a good bit. Get home tonight and park it. It sits for an hour or so and I go to move it and there is no reverse at all. All other gears are fine, engine brakes in first, all seems fine. Reverse does nothing at all, no weird sounds nothing?! Tranny shot? Any ideas? Thanks a lot and sorry for the drawn out explanation...

2.) Today driving it to work and also to tranny shop for diagnosis, all is going fine cruising along at 60mph. I begin to hear what sounds like an exhaust leak tapping noise? Exit highway and engine is making a lifter ticking noise and a lower slight knocking noise-not too loud yet. No warning lights on. Oil still full and looks fine. Guessing that it spun a bearing? Dunno if I can justify a new powertrain. But it would kill me to scrap it......lame

05-09-11, 12:54 PM
Dang man. I know when my tranny went in my f350 it wouldn't go into drive at all but would do reverse. No noise nothing just no response. So 1200 later and rebuilt tranny. Have you done an oil change in it yet? If no through some mystery oil in it before you change it.

cadillac kevin
05-09-11, 09:17 PM
that really sucks man. I have no experience with the 4100 motor, but I'd say its on its way out.
as for the trans- no reverse could be the shift cable. have you tried going into reverse from both park and neutral?
as for the hesitation shifting, the trans could need to be adjusted, but I don't think 4100's had TV cables on them.
I'd save up for a chevy 350 or an olds 350 and a 700r4 transmission. both those engines are fairly plentiful, relatively cheap to build and overhaul/ hop up, and give decent mileage and performance.

05-09-11, 11:40 PM
I still had the tranny shop look at the car even with the engine noise. It's def a problem inside tranny. Weird part is I drove it home 30 miles and the engine was perfectly silent. No ticks or knocks. Got home and messed around with it some a discovered coolant in oil-couldn't see it on dipstick but it's under oil cap for sure. Coolant and sludge. So I am guessing it has the notorious intake gasket problem that has probably been neglected for years and now it's on it's way out. Guess I will save up for a 350 swap down the road......not gonna scrap it.