: Should I cause a stink?

05-08-11, 08:02 PM
I'm on my 5 th brand new caddy in the past 9 yrs.
CTS v, 3 srx, 1 escalade.
I leased a 2011 srx premium in march.
And now a new engine is coming in the 2012
And is the answer to the complaints I've had about passing acceleration, hills, stand stills, and how my rpm hits 7 trying to pass someone! I WANT THAT ENGINE!... Should i fight for replacement? very unfair To us late buyers of the 2011. What's ur feelings and thoughts? Thanks guys!

05-08-11, 08:05 PM
My thoughts are, you knew what you were buying when you bought it. If you want that engine, trade in your SRX and get it.

05-08-11, 08:35 PM
No offense intended, caddydaddy, but your concern should have been very evident on a short test drive. A longer one only would have confirmed that first impression.

At that point you would be thinking about:

(A) springing the extra coin for the 2.8L turbo (if you could find one),

(B) waiting to see what the 2012 SRXs would offer. This was a hot topic because there was a sudden and somewhat unexpected announcement from GM that the turbo was being immediately dropped from production and a new engine for 2012 was in GM's automotive discussion mix. Or........

(C) trying something else.

When one spends this kind of money, purchase or lease, one deserves driving happiness. If I were you I'd be chatting with my dealership to see if I could arrange an early lease swap. Your financial pain in the swap might not be as bad as you think. If you don't ask, you won't get.


Smokin' SRX
05-08-11, 11:34 PM
PJ 1520 is spot on. Buyers remorse is a bitter pill. You are a loyal 5X customer. talk to the DEALER ASAP. Maybe he can help you spit it out for some small $$

Good luck!


05-09-11, 07:13 AM
No you shouldn't be causing a stink. Newer and better is the name of the game in the auto business. If you bought something, (say a house) and the newer and better model goes up next door, do you immediately want to replace yours? Just because you didn't know that the new house was going to have (insert new fancy thing here).

Now, having said that, and you are a loyal customer, and you really want the new engine, the dealer might help get you a good deal; or there is always those leasebuster guys.

05-09-11, 08:07 AM
You could, but it would be VERY childlish of you. You knew what you were leasing when you got it. Either take it like a man and live with it, or discuss with your dealer what they could arrange for an early out on the lease, and see if you can live with those terms. Nothing wrong with the 3.0, it is a good engine with plenty of power for me. I had the 3.6 in our o8 CTs, and it is and will be a very good engine for the SRX. It doesn't mater how many Caddys you have owned, nobody forced you to lease that 2011 SRx. If you have bought them all from the same dealer and have a good relationship with him, he might be able to help you out if you approach him in the right way. Causing a STINK in my opinion would certainly not be the way to go about it.

Smokin' SRX
05-09-11, 09:37 AM
caddydaddy2005 , Thought of you this weekend! (yes, this Forum can cause strange and unusual behavior! LOL ) If you need some physic balm to pay the cost of the 2012, in addition to getting the new 308HP eng, the 2012 also has redundant door lock/unlock switches on the door itself! Plus the same center stack.

We were out for Mom's Day, the Italian bread and pastries (yes, I am Italian descent!) were in cargo area, keys in blazer inside relatives home, so I had to lean inside the X to unlock doors with silly dash mounted switch, just so hatch button would work. Grass was wet and I slipped as I leaned in, crunching sunglasses laying on the console.

Is that sufficient reason for me to get a 2012 too?? LOL


05-09-11, 04:06 PM
I also leased a 2011 recently and wish I could have waited (not an option). There is always something better next year. Such is car buying. Let us know if you find a way out of your 2011 and into a 2012 without much $$$$$.

05-10-11, 01:08 PM
PJ 1520 is spot on. Buyers remorse is a bitter pill. You are a loyal 5X customer. talk to the DEALER ASAP. Maybe he can help you spit it out for some small $$

Good luck!


I agree with Smokin' SRX - The sooner you get in touch with the dealer the better. Obviosly there are n guarentees but based on my experience, the newer the car is your looking to get out of, the more options you will have (and months matter).

05-10-11, 01:47 PM
Maybe you could sell your lease. One of the services is at http://www.leasetrader.com/

05-14-11, 01:26 PM
I I leased a 2011 srx premium in march.

You might be lucky in that you leased the car. When the new ones come out, go to your dealer and tell them you're unhappy, but are willing to lease a new one if they'll take back the old one early. My guess is that they'll at least consider doing it, especially because you're a long-term customer.

Marc NY
05-15-11, 12:10 PM
Unfortunately that was your choice to make.

I had the same issues when I decided to buy my 5.3 L 2004 SSR early on. I already knew that GM was coming out with a newer 6.0 L Corvette engine in 2005. I decided that I wanted to own my SSR now and not wait.

Those are the tough decisions one makes when you buy a vehicle now rather than wait. For me buying a new SRX was a lot easier of a decision ... I finally decided to call off my 2011 SRX order and just wait a few more months until 2012 MY (Model Year) got here to then reorder my new SRX.