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10-11-04, 01:06 AM
Hey guys,
I thought I saw a pic here on the forum somewhere of dual visors...you know, a small one that can only be flipped down and the normal one that can be flipped down or rotated down and to the side. Is there model years when they were equipped that way? I wonder if I can retro fit some?

Thanks in advance for all your knowledge!!!

2005 EXT

10-11-04, 01:25 AM
Ah, the nickel and diming of the Escalade continues... Yep the 2003 had them... the 2002 had the same with adjustable light levels for the mirrors. You would think that on a $60K truck the wouldn't remove little touches like this.


10-11-04, 02:56 AM
a 2002 EXT had those.

10-11-04, 09:13 AM
my 02 EXT has all of that.

it seems everyday i'm more and more happy to own an 02.