: First time 1/8th mile in the V

05-08-11, 05:23 PM
What a night! First thing I did was drive through the rope between pylons for the entrance road (it was dark, I had my helmet on, and I never saw the rope until I saw the pylons fall). So that took off paint on my driver's side A pillar. :crying2:
My first run I just left it everything in full basic auto and by pure dumb luck ran a 9.169 eighth mile. Also, my reaction time was .835, my 60 ft., was 2.669 and my trap speed was 87.71.
Second run I learned that there is a difference between sport mode automatic and sport mode manual. I also learned that the car will not shift out of first in sport mode manual and what the rev limiter feels like. Oh well. The way the red tracers in the tach flash at redline is kinda' colorful.
Third run was accomplished in sport mode automatic and I found the rear end was pretty loose as it starts in first gear. 9.087 ET, .722 reaction, 2.507 60 ft., and 87.71 trap speed.
Fourth run I ran in sport mode manual. I learned what the traction control feels like. Good to know.
Last run was tracion control off in sport auto mode. I learned that the rear tires will spin themselves down to nubs and ran a 9.209 with a reaction time of 6.88, trap speed of 87.71 (are you seeing a pattern here?), and a 60 ft.of 2.653.

All three of the runs that I completed were faster than my best ever in my 2010 GT500, which was a 9.4xx. Not that the GT500 is slow, but there is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO traction with that car. Also, I am a terrible drag racer. Slalom racing is a different story, but drag racing is not my forte. So all in all is was a fun night except for the stupidity inflicted paint damage. That's ok though. A few nights later I dropped a large adjustable wrench and dinged the driver's side sill plate. :crying:

05-08-11, 09:24 PM
Also, I am a terrible drag racer. Slalom racing is a different story, but drag racing is not my forte.

IMHO and FWIW, you are not giving yourself enough credit. My sense is that it's easier to go from slalom racing to drag racing than from drag racing to slalom. I can't help but feel that a person who slaloms well has a real "feel" and sense of connection with the car that should carry over and help when drag racing. (Hopefully members that do both will chime in and share their views on this premise.)

I can't help but feel with some practice at the drag strip you could become as proficient and comfortable at drag racing as you obviously are at slaloming.

Why not take what you learned the other night and that is you now know how to best launch the car ( sport mode/letting the tranny shift for itself/ leaving off of idle) and now practice "rolling" into the throttle so you're not blowing the tires off ?

With a little practice you may surprise yourself and in the process you may find that you have literally " doubled" your enjoyment because you are now adept at both forms of racing! Kind of like double the pleasure, double the FUN ! After all, isn't it really about having fun.

Best of luck and enjoy!