: new guy with 99 eldorado etc

05-08-11, 02:59 PM
lookin to do some mods to help improve mpg hp anythign good out there maybee some airbox mods done the right way??? not to mention just last week someone hit me as i was turning and ripped off teh bumper and killed the pass fender and corner light

05-08-11, 04:25 PM

not sure about the Eldo
but i know for sure for the sevilles
and id going to assume that it's the same on the Eldorados diferent body same engine
so im going to assume and say that unless yoru going to put some big bucks into it no there is not much you can do
but then again that would be to add power

so yoru asking about MPG also
and the best thing you can do to make sure yoru getting a good MPG don't led foot it unless your doing it just to make it happy these N's love to be beat on every onec and again
also make sure you TB is clean id sujest a fuel filter also maybe a fuel injection cleaning or a bottle of techron in the gas tank

the proper fuel that is recomended
and then just make sure your air filter is proper and tire presure is good

other then that
there are really nothing on the market don't wast eyour money on Computer chips
don't buy one of those tornado things to put in the intach or what ever it is they don't do nothing

also i know with the sevilles not sure abou tthe Eldorado but your Intake system air intake is already great
not sure if you could say as good as it's going to get but don't go drilling holes or wasting money on a air intake system unless it's purley for looks

and welcome aboard

05-08-11, 07:01 PM

Sadly, if you are looking for some aftermarket performance parts, there's about none available. Almost all of those are cosmetic/sound enhancements.

Those "cold air intake" mods bring exactly nothing - the stock air intake system provides more air than the engine ever needs, and it's already a cold air configuration.

05-08-11, 09:06 PM

Best mod you can make to get better gas mileage is to place an egg between your foot and the gas pedal. Don't break the egg.

05-08-11, 09:22 PM

Best mod you can make to get better gas mileage is to place an egg between your foot and the gas pedal. Don't break the egg.

i never had an egg there before but after i started to get my first half dozen tickets my father got the bright idea to put a block behind the gas peddle the type of blocks that go carts places yous to use years ago to keep the speed down to keep the tracks a bit saver so ppl where not going to fast to maneuver

now they are all digi controlled at least 90% of them are at those go kart places so they can shut it down and limit the speed by computer at most places

but yeah he got the idea of putting that same type of block behind my gas pedal didn't work to much LOL