View Full Version : Want Softy Shocks? Monroe Matic Plus is your answer

05-08-11, 12:54 AM
Hello peoples, I finally dump the stiff riding Sensa-Tracs, with the cheaper Monroe Matics, and it has made a big difference on how the my Caddy rides now.

The problem with the Sensa Tracs is it's variable valving, it stiffens up when going over rough roads, and also they are just made stiffer than Monroes cheaper shocks. I new something wasn't right, the Caddy rode more like Honda, than a Cadillac with the Sensa's in there. After researching more on the Matics Plus, I decided to purchase them, and right away it was easier to compress the shock right out the box compared to the Sensa Tracs.

Long story short, these are good shocks for our Fleetwoods and Broughams, the car still handles well, just when you go over bad roads, you feel better damping and a smoother ride. Naturally the 93-96 Fleetwoods are going to ride a little stiffer than the older Broughams, but these shocks will help to offer a softer ride.

05-08-11, 02:01 AM
Do they offer the correct air ride leveling shocks for the rear?

05-08-11, 03:55 AM
They offer the Max Air shocks for the rear, which I had installed a few days ago. The rear is still pretty stiff even with the new shocks, maybe because the Max Airs are essentially Sensa Tracs with an air bag attached to it.

Monroe does offer the non Air rear Shocks, correct leveling like you are saying. It uses a coil spring, instead of an air bag.

If I were you guys, if you want that true soft Cadillac ride for the rear, your best bet is to probably pick up some cheap AC Delco rear shocks that are not Air assisted, or load adjusting, just some standard ones. If you don't carry a bunch of stuff with you, or travel much, then it would be best to do that, because their really isn't a point to use the Air Shocks, unless you tow or pack your Caddy with friends and fam. I even bet any new AC Delco Rear Air Shocks will most likely be a harder riding shock, compared to if you got their basic cheapies for the rear with no assist at all, which I am sure they would be much more softer riding.

A Reminder, you want a soft shock? Get the cheapest ones out their, but stay away from Gabriel's though. Very cheaply made shocks, and they feel pretty weak in build quality compared to Monroe's.