: Transmission Rebuild HELL.

05-07-11, 10:43 PM
OK so after my last deleted thread, I wanted to let everyone know that RPM made good on my transmission. They issued my tuner a refund for the trans only. FINE with me. Still haven't changed the tune and a new problem arises...

Purchased a FACTORY REBUILT GM UNIT through a local shop. I told them not to drive the car after they replaced the unit because I wanted to reflash to stock tune. I picked the car up today, and Xmas tree was onmy dash (picked it up after hours) Check engine light was on, with 5 codes:
1)Control Module Programming Error
2)Trans Control System malfunction
3)Control Module Programming Error
4)Trans System malfunction
5)Lost communication with TCM

Now I only live a mile from the place, but wasnt going to leave my car there. I figured it needed a reflash and to cycle. Well the trans is in safe mode. I only have 3rd gear. My Parking ((P)) light is on, service stabillitrak is displayed, and even taking it very slow home, the car has a thumping (almost like something was out of round) under the armrest which is where the trans meets the driveshaft. Got her home, disconnected battery, and same thing, so I just have her sitting. This is a factory trans. Any ideas as to what to look for? Opinions?

05-07-11, 11:15 PM
Wow. So you paid this place to do the trans swap? I wouldn't drive it one inch further for sure. "Maybe" take a look under neath for disconnected wiring harness to trans? Tow to GM dealer and start from scratch.

05-08-11, 10:52 AM
Wow. So you paid this place to do the trans swap? I wouldn't drive it one inch further for sure. "Maybe" take a look under neath for disconnected wiring harness to trans? Tow to GM dealer and start from scratch.

Yes paid the place to do the trans swap. It was 3400.00 with the trans and install. Since my last trans story, I did tell them not to drive the car, but I had check engine light on, Parking light on ((P)), shift to park while the car is in park displays on my dash, etc etc. the codes are all telling me wiring, because when my trans blew two weeks ago I didnt have ANY of those codes. I am calling AAA and having the car towed there by 8 AM tomorrow morning. Was just wondering if maybe there was a reset that needed to be done or anyone has experienced this with a brand new trans.

05-08-11, 11:55 AM
You need a Tech2 to marry the new TCM to your car.

05-09-11, 01:19 PM
It is an empty file. They are shipped empty. It needs a valid file put into the car for it to work. It was bad that you drove on an empty trans file.. It needs to be flashed ASAP before you ever drive it again.

05-10-11, 10:07 PM

05-11-11, 04:35 AM
THanks guys spoke to Cadillac today and they are reflashing today. There's no damage because he explained to me that the trans was in fail safe mode in 3rd gear. I swear local shops have no clue what to do with these cars. I figured it was a reflash. Should have just started this in the beginning with Cadillac but we all learn from mistakes I freaked on the guy cause I had to pull my own codes and he doesn't have a generic reader that should have told me something. Now I want the money back that I'm spending on the reflash. Btw at least I bought a Gm reman trans cause it's warranties. Got it in writing from Gm and the shop who installed it so pretty much good to go. Selling her anyway. Leaving for military in September. I just haven't gotten her to the track since all my upgrades and new tune brought me
From 533rwhp to 713rwhp can't wait but now burning oil out of the breather I know it's nothing detrimental but hate any kind of smoke. I literally only drove 2 miles doing 20mph thank god. The car has been flat bedded everywhere else. I really appreciate the time and advice. Anyone want to buy her? Lol I'm only asking 50k clear title! Thanks again for advice

05-11-11, 06:37 AM
The TCM on this transmission is inside the unit itself.
If the trans was replaced so was the TCM and it needed to be programmed.
I can't believe they didn't at least do that.

05-12-11, 01:34 PM
Trans is fine, needed reflashas advised by boards, and caddy themselves. Babying this one! Thanks guys for the input!! Much appreciated. Now The car is for sale cause I am leaving for duty in August found out yesterday!

05-12-11, 02:09 PM
Glad you got it resolved. And Thank You for your service!