: Electrical problem 1987 brougham

05-06-11, 10:45 PM
Does anybody know why the fuse for the power mirror adj. blew out. It also affected my p/door locks and interior courtesy lights. I tried replacing the fuse 3 times but they blow as soon as I install. Just happened out of the blue, everything was working fine till I opened door and no light then found other issues. Had not done any work or changed anything. Had never opened fuse compartment till this issue. Thanks for any help.

05-06-11, 11:06 PM
Remove all of the cigar lighters and see if that alleviates the situation (when you replace the BODY fuse). They sometimes get stuck in the ON position and can cause too much current draw and blow the fuse.

cadillac kevin
05-06-11, 11:09 PM
^I've had that problem. busted cigar lighter got stuck in the down position.

also disconnect the battery before replacing the fuse.

05-07-11, 12:42 AM
I forgot to mention that I had removed cigar lighters. I did not disconnect the battery, I will try that in the morning. Thanks

05-22-11, 12:10 AM
Ok, finally was able to try installing fuse after disconnecting battery. Problem remains, fuse blows. Everything used to work fine till one day door courtesy lights did not work then when I went to adjust electric mirror that did not work. Underhood light, trunk light, door locks, door cig. lighters don't work. But dashboard cig. lighter works as does everything else. Keeps blowing fuse as soon as we plug it in. Hate to pay hundreds of dollars to electric shop. Have repair manual and nothing seems to work. Don't have much hair left to pull out. Any suggestions appreciated. Willing to try anything. Thank you

05-22-11, 12:13 AM
Disconnect the under hood light. Mine shorted out once and I lost the door locks and cigar lighters.

05-22-11, 09:27 AM
I disconnected both the trunk and hood lite. This just happened out of the blue. Everything has always worked fine and I had not touched anything. Car only has 51,000 mile on it. Still open to ALL sugesstions, will try anything. Thanks again.

05-22-11, 10:08 AM
The under hood lamp is controlled by the LTR fuse (20 amp). Everything else is protected by the Body Fuse (20 amp). It is possible that both circuits are connected, and that the one fuse could be causing the other to blow. The one fuse may be partially blown and look like it is working.

05-22-11, 01:52 PM
Time to start checking everything that is on that circuit and see if something's been changed at one point like a different stereo, alarm, modified wiring or if a wire rubbed through somewhere that's making a short.
Fuses are either good or bad there's no inbetween point, but you can check what sven is getting at by pulling out that other fuse and see what happens.

05-22-11, 08:28 PM
^I've had fuses blow and they still had continuity. Sometimes there is still a connection that is not enough to support the circuit amperage.

05-25-11, 08:51 PM
I have had the same problem with replacing and blowing fuses..i would put one in and right away it would blow again...it turned out i was using my ashtray for loose change..and there was a dime in where the cig lighter goes causing a short heh. i took out the dime and wala no more fuses blowing.

05-26-11, 04:33 PM
Check for exposed wires at high traffic areas. Such as under dash near where your feet would be or around door jams.

05-27-11, 11:46 PM
Finally found problem. Friend took car and checked wiring and found that the wire to the left sunvisor was rubbing against the edge of the hole wire goes through. Thank you to all who responded.

05-28-11, 01:36 AM
Wow, that's a new one. Nice find.