: Is this car anybody's from here?

05-05-11, 08:44 PM

Pretty clean, especially underneath. Anyone recognize this? I swear I remember someone starting a thread about swapping a 4.5 for a 4.1 in an older c-body...

05-05-11, 09:10 PM
They kept the original valve covers? Receipts for the engine swap or it didn't happen! I imagine it would be hard to turn a profit after paying for an 'experimental', maybe it'll work, maybe it wont engine swap.

05-05-11, 09:11 PM
I thought the same thing. It'd be nice to see a tag.

However, if I was to do the same swap, I would have done it the same way - dressing it up to look original. All he really had to keep for that look was the valve covers and the air cleaner/ducting. The valve covers may have been necessary, assuming that the rear valve cover for each engine doesn't have the same bosses for mounting hardware.