: please help! need advice!!

05-05-11, 06:55 PM
hello my name is kevin, this is my first time posting but i've read many posts on this site and omega owners. I own a 2001 caddy catera(I KNOW)

But my question is why does my radiator hose keep blowing? I changed both hoses and clamps during normal driving the car DID NOT run hot but my hose blew off and spilled coolant everywhere. my cooling system is over pressured I know I have a oil cooler leak i was going to repair next week but I feel I have a bad head gasket now! do you guys think so also?...I love this car but I'm willing to part with it if the gaskets blown shops around here(Charleston,sc) have little knowledge about the 3.0 and charge outrageous prices for the smallest issues

05-05-11, 07:19 PM
the reason it is blowing is because it is over pressure... seems like you understand that already

the oil leaking into the coolant is what is adding the pressure... the headgasket leak could also be adding coolant and/or exhaust gas

that pressure builds up quick and the weakest point is what will blow first


too bad you weren't a little closer... we could fix you up...

we've done a bunch of oil cooler jobs on 3.0L cateras, and saturns
and a bunch of head gaskets too

shop around for quotes ... leave no shop (dealer or indy) un-called ...
if you let them know you're shopping around you can often get a better deal

05-05-11, 07:27 PM
Thanks for your response, I'm still a little confused so your saying i have a head gasket leak? or its my oil cooler leaking that causes my over pressuring....if its just the oil cooler i can take care of that in a couple of weeks but if its the head gasket i dont wanna mess with it I looked and found no leaks but when i ran it on a scanner im getting random misfire from multiple cylinders and already tuned up the car also(myself)

05-05-11, 08:52 PM
Random misfires could also be a bad coil pack. I just replaced mine last week.
Do you have any symptoms of a bad head gasket, sweet maple syrup smell from exhaust or smoke, loss of coolant(besides blowing a hose and spewing everywhere). These are signs of bad head gasket not to say that that is all of them but definetely most obvious

05-05-11, 10:37 PM
HEY thanks for replying but I also changed my right side coil pack when I did a tune up I refilled my car with water this time and the only signs of a bad gasket was my oil and water were mixing in the reservoir tank the radiator cap was fillied with milk like sludge, now im leaning toward my oil cooler pluming things up so bad that it built up enough pressure to blow my hose, I have NO LOST OF POWER or water otherwise

05-05-11, 11:41 PM
Sounds like it could go either way. If you know u have an oil cooler problem then I would start their. I am willing to fix anything on my catera i love this car. I cant sell it

05-06-11, 02:01 AM
you said you think you have a bad head gasket...