: 89 brougham alarm issue POWER LOCKS

05-05-11, 04:45 PM
My cadys alarm comes on periodically so i asked a buddy about it and he said that all i needed to do was disconnect the power locks.Thats where my prob begins.He says the connection is under the glove box but I looked and theres like 5 or 6 different connections under there . My question is which one should I disconnect to disarm the power locks. Any help would be greatly appreciated..THX

05-05-11, 08:15 PM
Just disconnect the alarm module. If you look at the top of the brake pedal support, you can see the security system controller. Disconnect that and the system will be deactivated.

05-05-11, 08:40 PM
Does your battery die sometimes? Maybe because the battery gets low and the alarm goes off?