: Cargo mat for 2011 esv

05-04-11, 11:15 AM
Im looking for a carpet cargo mat to cover the whole area when the third row seats are out. Catch All makes one but there seems to be some confusion on the color, charcoal or black? I think charcoal would be the correct one. Does anyone have any other ideas? I think my interior color is called ebony. Are there any other manufactures?

05-04-11, 12:08 PM
I have had Weathertech cargo liners in my last 20 suv's, I have black in my black interior escalade's. :)

Big Windy Ext
05-05-11, 08:11 AM
I used the Weathertech cargo liner in my Suburbans , it lasted through three of them but now I have an EXT w/Bedslide so it went w/my trade in. If you were looking for an endorsement . A call to Weathertech may ease your mind on the color , their customer service is in the States along with being made here too !!