: hi, i've got a car that was my grandpas....i think it's pretty rare

10-10-04, 12:50 PM
my name is scott, and my grandpa is giving me his 1990 fleetwood sixty special. He currently drives an 02' Deville DTS with everything, but he has saved the fleetwood for me. He drives the fleetwood to his golf matches every monday, just to keep it running well, and all other maintenance is meticulously well cared for. from my understanding, this car is 1 of 1824 made in 90', and it has every option except the cd changer, it has the bose stereo w/ cd player instead; it even has the gold trim package. I was just wondering if you folks on this website could help me with any other information, because info elsewhere has been very limited.

thanks for any info, comments, or advice,


10-10-04, 01:40 PM
I have all the info on 1990 Fleetwood Sixty Specials.

1990 Sixty Special

421 in Black Sapphire (Navy Blue)
344 in Cotillion White (of which 174 were monotone w/out lower silver panel).
240 in Sable Black (73 in monotone w/out lower silver panel).
139 in Sapphire Blue Firemist (Medium Blue)
133 in Platinum Silver (53 in monotone w/out lower Dark Grey panel)
129 in Dark Slate Grey
129 in Royal Maroon (tie, not a typo)
109 in Medium Slate Gray (37 in monotone w/out lower silver panel)
085 in Carmine Red
067 in Light Sapphire Blue (22 in monotone w/out lower silver panel).
026 in Pastel Slate Grey
008 in Mary Kay Pink
Grand Total of 1,824
The following regular 1990 Cadillac paint colors were NOT available on the Sixty Special because there was no interior color that would go with them:-
Antelope Firemist
Dark Auburn
Light Auburn
Cameo Ivory
There were but 3 interior colors on the 1990 Sixty Special:-
Dark Blue Leather
Dark Red Leather
Medium Gray Leather

Factory Options were:-
Power Glass AstroRoof
Elec. Rr. Defroster
Engine Block Heater
Gold Ornamentation - Exterior
Driver's Side "Memory" Seat
Automatic Day/Night Mirror
Bose Audio System with Cassette
Bose Audio System with C.D. Player
Power Driver & Passenger Side Seat Recliners
(Manual was Standard)
DELETE Padded Vinyl Roof
Wire Wheel Discs - Credit Option
ElectroClear Heated Windshield
Automatic Locking Doors at 5 M.P.H.
Theft Deterrant System

10-10-04, 04:46 PM
thanks a lot, so i guess it's one of 421 with the navy blue color, that's interesting, anything odd i should know about them, i'm planning on keeping it for a good long time.

10-10-04, 07:05 PM
Welcome Scott!
Congratulations, what a great gift. I know you will keep it as nice as he did! We encourage new members to post a picture or two when you get a chance. Maybe a pic with the 90' and the 02'? I know Sal will like the Fleetwood. Lots of great and helpful poeple here. Thanks for joining the forum!

10-10-04, 08:37 PM
thanks a lot, i'll try to get some pics next time i'm at my grandpas