: Code B0090....

05-04-11, 09:26 AM
B0090, symptom 71 is the code I got from my "service airbag" DIC message. According to information I found this is what it is:

A B0090 trouble code refers to the restraint (seatbelt) sensor on the left front seat. But I also found this: DTC B0090 Active switch voltage out of range.

Symptom 71 (DTC71) Driver Side Impact Sensor Comms Invalid.

Symptoms: Aside from the DTC code being triggered, about the only other thing you may notice is if you have a seatbelt warning lamp and/or chime, it may be illuminated or flashing, even when the seatbelt is fastened.

Causes: A B0090 DTC code may be caused by a wiring or connector fault, or restraint sensor failure.

Potential SolutionsTo fix the problem: first check the wiring and connections leading to the left front restraint (seatbelt) sensor. If the wiring has no obvious problems, check the wiring using the specifications from a proper service manual. Verify operation of the sensor and replace if necessary.

Do I have the right information regarding the codes? If so, where do I find the wiring connections for the seatbelt sensor and driver side impact sensor?