: Rapidly flashing directional, no fob detected

05-04-11, 06:11 AM
I own a 2006 XLR.
My right side directional started clicking at a more rapid rate than usual. I assumed it indicated a soon-to-burn-out bulb, and I took the car to the dealership.
I was told the rear taillight assembly needs to be replaced ( over $600 in parts alone ) and it is not covered by my GMPP.
Does anyone know if this is accurate?
I am not inclined to pay that type of money simply because the light flashes too rapidly, as long as it is still flashing.
Also, when I enter my car, the DIC always says "NO FOB DETECTED" until I jiggle the fob, or press the unlock button on it.
The dealership service people say it is interference from other objects in my pocket, but that seems unlikely, as this is a new problem. Could it be a loose battery in the fob? Something else? Any ideas?
Thank you in advance for any help provided.