: Tree Sap NIGHTMARE help!!!

05-03-11, 08:59 PM
so yeah i left my car at home for like 3 days and when i come back there is Tree sap all over my car! i was able to wash most off but there are still spots on the car and some stubborn spots on my vinyl roof. sucks cause i dont want to mess the roof up scrubbing it and it still looks brand new( minus the nasty tree sap) anyways what is the best way to remove this crap, because its going to be mid 80's this weekend and i dont want it to bake on anymore than it has.

05-03-11, 09:12 PM
This a cheap and effective method.


05-03-11, 09:16 PM
Same thing happened to my Impala... Ruined the paint and there is still sap on the roof five years later. But I left it parked under a pine tree for a couple months and the sap hardened on the paint.

I used Stoner Terminator: Grease, Tar, and Sap remover (http://www.tarminator.com/) and that got most of it off (even the hardened stuff) without damaging the paint.

05-03-11, 10:22 PM
thanks that hand sanitizer worked wonders. except on the roof still has faint yellow sap marks on it. i just washed it again and i also applied the vinyl roof cleaner and protectant. idk i guess ill see what happens after a few more washes. but yeah completely got the sap off the paint just like the vid, its crazy i didnt think hand sanitizer was that strong of a cleaning agent but hey 99.9 i guess!

05-04-11, 03:25 PM
I would bet alcohol or peanut butter would work too.

05-04-11, 05:08 PM
Iīm happy you could remove almost all sap. Itīs important doing it when itīs still fresh. Oil works also to dissolve sticky stuff. You can try with it if you still have some sap remains.

05-05-11, 03:23 PM
It takes some time but holding an Ice Cube on it till it gets frozen and stiff then scrape it with your fingernail.