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05-03-11, 05:28 PM
I am currently looking into buying a cadillac CTS 2003-2007. I was hoping to search some reliability threads but, have come to find out the search function on this forum is about as useful as a armpit mole. I have never joined a forum with such terrible searching options, or lack there of.

The little I have found just using google, I have seen some mention that in 2005 a different feature was added. The car will see some snow living in the midwest, and my wife will be driving it occasionally so I'm wondering if it is worth it to avoid any certain years in regards to problems that exist.

johnny kannapo
05-03-11, 06:45 PM
Should be plenty of info for you here. Ask questions in the "current Cadillac CTS" section, Folks there would be more active for CTS models.


05-03-11, 06:52 PM

Welcome to CF
im sure you will find out plenty of info just hang out in the CTS section of the forum and ask lots of questions i bet there will be lots of answer

05-03-11, 07:22 PM
Welcome to the forums. Hope you find what you are looking for.

05-04-11, 07:12 AM