: Ya'll are gonna think I'm crazy!

05-03-11, 12:31 AM
But I'm look for a way to preserve the paint on this car. I've had this '83 Oldsmobile since 2007 and for some reason that no one else can understand, I love it to death!

Well the other day, my dad decided to slam the hood shut instead of ease it down, the way I do it. The result? The hood literally bent right at the hinge. I foolishly tried to hammer the dent out but only put dings and dimples on the top, instead of bending it back.

Does anyone know a way to simply bend the metal back to alignment? The way this car "fits" together is something I can't describe, and I wouldn't dare replace the hood. The rust and barbed-wire scratches are something I cannot replicate. :bonkers:

You can see how the hood sticks up on the driver side. I'd post this somewhere else, but of course it's not a Cadillac. I still trust the Cadillac guys the most on the internet, though. Kudos to ya'll for all your help.

http://i182.photobucket.com/albums/x141/Shutterbug668/195988_10150143487208348_696343347_6482123_2151634 _n.jpg


05-03-11, 03:39 AM
The stories I bet that car could tell...

05-03-11, 04:13 AM
I would leave it that way. It adds character.

05-03-11, 04:16 AM
That's probably what I'll do. :)

05-03-11, 10:37 AM
Put a 2x4 across the fenders just behind the hood crest and apply pressure to the high point in the hood. You might not get it perfect, but I'd bet you will get some of that rise out of the hood.

05-03-11, 11:57 AM
Lubricate the hood hinges or it'll bend some more.

05-03-11, 03:25 PM
that one hubcap looks nice, is it off a caddy?.

05-03-11, 08:47 PM
But I'm look for a way to preserve the paint on this car. Paint? Where do you see paint on that car? Anyway I actually like the car and see potential. A 455 will drop right in.......:cool2:

05-03-11, 10:23 PM
So would a Detroit 4V53.......:cool2:

cadillac kevin
05-03-11, 11:10 PM
^IMO thats a really cool wagon (in a really ratty way). I actually wanted to buy one of those (in buick or chevy form) but couldnt find one, so I ended up with a caddy. gotta love the racing rim on the back (contrasts nicely with the olds smoothie hubcap on the front) and the CB antennae behind the luggage rack.

johnny kannapo
05-04-11, 12:46 AM
Hinges shouldn't be much trouble to find for that car. If you buckled the old ones they are pretty much shot.

05-04-11, 05:42 AM
all that paint needs is can or 2 of furniture polish.

05-04-11, 01:29 PM
I usually run all black steelies on this car, but I do have all 4 original Olds wheel covers. That silver rim is actually a full-size spare I picked up off craigslist since my donut spare exploded.

Thanks for the comments guys! I love the way it all comes together as a car that has character and has been to heck and back.


EDIT: and YES, I have imagined a 455 in this thing, but it surprisingly gets good gas mileage with the Vin-9 307!

cadillac kevin
05-05-11, 12:36 AM
^vin 9. can it do a burnout?
I love those old wagons btw. my dad had a 77 impala wagon back in the day. it was metallic green/ blue with black interior, blacked out rear glass, and some 90's directional rims. even had 20+ years of receipts for every repair and fill-up and all dealer paperwork. body was super clean with no rust or dents and awesome paint and the interior was great except the drivers seat. it had about 120000 on it when the water pump started going out and he sold it for $75. (yes I wrote that right). back then, all my friends thought it was the most badass car around. man I miss that car

05-05-11, 12:45 AM
Rub it down with transmission fluid.

05-05-11, 12:46 AM
Is that the one with the "OMG I'm gonna die electric master cyl?"

05-05-11, 12:41 PM
I'm not really the burnout type of guy; I'm more like NY cab driver. I know my car and it knows me. But I have spun out the rear tires a stop light a few times.

And Koooop? Tranny fluid?

05-05-11, 08:27 PM
Yup, Tranny fluid. You just use a little bit, try a spot. Of course it will not put paint where paint it not (which is most of that ride!). You could try Aerospace 303 protectant, but at $90 a gallon...