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05-02-11, 06:26 PM
I am in the process in buying a 1967 deville. Haven't paid for it just arranging how to get it home. The seller says it ran when he parked it two years ago. He has a bran new.machined 472 for it I am just wondering if everything will swap over with no problem.

05-02-11, 07:00 PM
The 429 is a different block than the 472, so it will not be a direct bolt in. You need to modify the engine mounts on the chassis to get it to work. Both motors used the TH 400 transmission and were paired with the 2.94 rear end, so everything else in the driveline is interchangeable.

05-02-11, 08:12 PM
Thanks man Dang is it difficult to do the swap? Changing motor mounts and how hard is it to attach the assories such as AC alternator and what not? Has anyone here done it?

05-02-11, 09:05 PM
As someone who has put a 472 into a Suburban; 350 Chevy into a 46 Ford and 38 Chevy; 455 Buick into a Studebaker, among others, THIS swap (472 in place of a 429) is falling off a log simple.

Remove 429 and mounts.
Buy '68 mounts.
Install 472.
Any parts you need in the future, buy for a '68. The cars are essentially identical.


05-02-11, 09:23 PM
Sven and Cosmo are right, its pretty easy. Just motor mounts and accessories. The 68 has the same body style and came with the 472, anything you need should be there. He says it ran 2 years ago but got a new machined motor anyway?

05-03-11, 05:48 AM
Ya well he owns a customizing shop and was planning on redoing the entire car. He actually had a 64 Cadillac sitting next to it and a 66 Lincoln continental. But hopefully I can get out of work early and go get everything. He is also giving me all. New chrome bumpers headlights trim whole 9 yards. Okay thanks guys so all I need is just get some motor mounts off a 68 and were in business sweet.

05-03-11, 07:20 AM
I have noticed it seems difficult to find an oil pan for these 472 s does anyone have suggestions. I Googled it and something came up putting a pan from a 386 on to it.

05-03-11, 11:00 AM
Yea, they are hard to find. Hopefully he has the right one already.

05-03-11, 11:20 AM
No he doesn't have one dang. Might see if someone can fabricate one for me.

05-03-11, 09:44 PM
The 472 was supposed to have been introduced in 1967, and the car was designed with that in mind. But, the 472 proved not quite ready for prime time, so they stuck with the 429 for one more year while they ironed things out. The major differences with the 472 are that it was designed to accomodate AC (instead of it being an afterthought like with the 429) and the emissions equipment they knew was coming.

05-04-11, 10:20 AM
Okay thanks guys. Should I have much trouble swapping over all the accessories? Also is there anything I can use com the 429 that will work with the 472 on the motor wise. Also has anyone done performance upgrades to the 472? I was thinking of running two carbs if possible.

PS I found a pan for 150 out in California but it sounds a bit pricey although I haven't been able to find it anywhere else