: Car tire sizes

05-01-11, 09:12 PM
Sometimes my mind goes off in a tangent that is way off track. A question is in my head and I cannot find an answer. Maybe someone here can shed some light. How does an automaker determine what size tire to use on a specific model car? In other words, why is a 195/60/15 tire used instead of a 215/60/16? Obviously the fenders would have had to be designed to fit them but there must be a reason some cars have very tiny tires and others have much larger ones.


05-01-11, 09:14 PM
One of the reasons this question comes up is because you see these small cars, like Suzuki's, with smallish go kart tires. The car would definitely be more aesthetically pleasing if the tires were larger in diameter. So an overall look of the car doesn't seem like a logical answer


05-02-11, 08:29 AM
I daresay it's a combination of load carry capability, speed anticipation, aesthetics, suspension geometry and handling characteristics, overall cost, wear factors, availability and magic. ..........and we've seen darn near every brand of tire on earth as OEM equipment on different cars - so there has to be some sort of contract figured into the cost/availability end of it. How many cars come off a single production line in a day ?? Multiply that X4 = a lot of tires.

johnny kannapo
05-03-11, 01:37 PM
There are those who never get too far away from a mirrior that put less emphasis on the intended engineering efforts.