: Battery went dead and now have no stereo?

05-01-11, 06:58 PM
The head unit won't power up...any ideas?

05-01-11, 08:26 PM
Since you were so helpful with the wind noise issue I will help you out, at this point I would presume that you boosted and charged your battery.....if so disconnect the battery for 1-2 hours and it should reset and work....time the dual battery setup

05-02-11, 08:46 AM
Before disconnecting again make sure the HVAC system and the radio are OFF, you must also make sure they are OFF before jump starting or replacing the battery, owners manual. :) You will only have to disconnect the battery for 5-10 minutes, and all should be good again.

05-02-11, 09:37 AM
Why do they have to be off?

05-26-11, 07:49 PM
Just pull the radio fuse under the hood for a few seconds and it will work again.