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05-01-11, 05:13 PM
Got the module installed replacing the old onstar module. I gotta say this thing sucks lol. Its the most non user friendly interface ive ever seen. In order to make a call, you gotta hold the mute/phone button on the steering wheel, say "onstar" wait 5 seconds for the lady to give instructions, then say, "dial" and she then says, "dialing from -brent-" then i can go ahead and read off the number im dialing. The hands free system for calling out is horrible. You cant just make a quick call, its a whole big ordeal to call someone. Answering calls is fine, just press the button on the steering wheel, but i find when someone calls I gotta say "hello" 3 times before the caller can here me. Must be some sort of a delay.

Any of the upgraded vcim users like this system at all? IMO its not worth the 250 i spent to upgrade from the onstar module.

05-01-11, 08:36 PM
You can store numbers/name tags or dial from your Nav's keypad if you have the lockpick installed (from coastaletech.com)....not sure what cellular device you have but noting it would help us provide feedback, I used mine with my iPhone and I love it.....any voice reg system nowadays are troublesome and lengthy but the digit dial in this system is alright, I find it quicker to dial from my contacts directly from my phone
....have you learned all the commands which is very important if you plan to use voice dialing

05-01-11, 08:56 PM
im using the iphone 3 with the now. I just dial using the cell too, dont bother with the whole ordeal of talking to the bluetooth lady.

what commands do you mean? Me and my gf both have an iphone, hers is the iphone 3g so she can use the name tags to dial (ie. call jenn smith) I cant because the iphone 3 doesnt have voice dial. Anyhow, we both have the iphones so we both had to pair our cellphones to the truck seperately and the bluetooth will pick up either or when were in the truck randomly. Most of the time it picks up hers so if shes the passenger i have to go thru the commands and tell the bluetooth to use my cell for hands free. Other than that there arent very many commands to know...that i know of anyhow.

Did you lose your onstar capabilities when you installed? i have the red light on the rear view now, dont think i can get onstar if i wanted to anymore or is it just a matter of calling and starting an account up again?

Also, can i sell the old vcim over ebay, or is that something that I cant sell because its registered to me or something, ive never sold a car part over ebay or any where for that matter