: Will 18"x8", 5x120 Bolt Pattern Wheel with 35mm offset Fit

04-30-11, 12:59 AM
Hi Everyone,

I have searched the forum for wheel offsets and found some but still confused if these wheels that I have selected for my '08 CTS AWD with FE2 suspension sport package will have an issue with tire rub at max turn in or have handling issues. The wheel I selected is the RTX Berlin wheel with 18"x8", 5x120 bolt pattern, and 35mm offset. The center bore will fit and I am just going to put my stock tires back on 235/50/18. Please let me know if this wheel will fit with no issues. I have talked to a few wheel stores now and some say it will fit and some says it will not so I am confused now. Let me know if you can help out.


06-12-11, 11:05 PM
I have run run 35mm offset on 20 inch and no issues at all, wheel and tires fit perfectly and no rubing at all. I hav the identical car you have