: My 97 catera project..need helpfull insight

04-29-11, 10:07 PM
this was my moms favorite car...some idiot put reg coolant in with dex cool and clearly u knew what happend...so after four years of sitting last year my mom told me i could have it...i have been doing research and othger things to chase the collant issues etc...i am not going to spend anymore money chasing a problem....i am just going to buy a new engine off ebay...my questions is what else should i replace while the engine is out what would be the good ideas while its easy too replace things then....my next question is i replaced the whole suspenion on this car...put it up on blocks and also painted the calipers while they were off....i just got the car all set today and now wondering how i go about bleeding the whole brake system cause all four calipers were off and the rez went dry???my third questioin is i want a after market radio system...should i just rewire the whole car for sound and leave the stock stuff alone and intact?? i dont want to cause a electrical problem...so i figure if i give it the old fresh wires etc trick...it will take time and alot of work but is it worth it so i dont run into some electrical vodoo from the car being pissed i am putting another deck into it lol??? thanks for all the reply;s ahead of time

04-30-11, 12:49 PM
replacement motor is a 3.2 from the 03 and up CTS they use the same timing belt, so i dont see the advantage... but the 3.0 is common to have the tentioners for the timing belt break. so all that needs to be replaced.. cause at this point the age matters more than mileage. blown head gaskets are a problem with the 3.0 also.

Im not sure if the 3.2 goes into the 97-98 catera.. I know it does in 99-01.
I really have no clue what mixing the coolant has done to the car.. Ive never heard of that destroying an engine... the dexcool is normally removed in favor of the green due to the dexcool eating out gaskets and radiator from harsh chemicals.

It really seems a waste in my mind to buy a used motor and take a chance.. and if your springing for a new motor... man thats a LOTTA wasted money.

You can find a good running and working cat for under 3K and Im sure you will have way more than that with all the work you have/ are going to do...
But I understand being attached to a car... i do like my catera.. but if it needed a motor... Id just get a differant one.

Good luck with the car!!