: Recharge: AS-12

04-29-11, 04:40 PM
Last week I repaired my power windows ( replaced the drivers door master switch and changed out it's plug harness) but the subject I really want to speak about is the Air Conditioning system which when I purchased the car wasn't working and the previous owner said it's been " a few years since it worked". Well low and behold I purchaed on the internet...AS-12 auto refrigerent. It takes the place of r-12 or 134a. I drew a vacuum of 21 inches for 15 minutes and then added one 8 oz can and then I added the stop leak/dye/oil and then added one more 8 oz can and my air is now being delivered at 46* at the vents. Wow that stuff really works. It has been one week now and still no decline in performance. This stuff went directly onto my unmodified r-12 system. So far so good and it only cost me $39 for the switch with pigtail on ebay and the AS-12 kit cost me another $39. So for the modest fee of $78 I fixed my Cimarron and I thank God for this gift(saving hundreds of dollars).:thumbsup:
By the way it took about 4 hours TOTAL.

05-11-11, 02:13 PM
UPDATE: I lost my Cimmy to my 17 year old daughter. She has now taken possession of it and she loves it. ( I can plainly see now that she will be a Cadillac fan for the rest of her life. By the way the AC conversion is still performing well and it is still ice cold after a month:cloud9: