: Hitch cover replaced under warranty

04-29-11, 11:32 AM
Ok My truck is finally getting back to me soon after that stupid accident.. but I spoke to the body shop manager. (the body shop is a caddy dealership).. and asked him about a hitch cover. He went and looked at my hitch and said that the warranty fix was not applied and he could get me one under warranty.. According to him there is a dealer fix that drills two holes for mounting tabs so the hitch cover won't fall off.. So I am supposed to get my truck back by Monday and they are going to paint a hitch cover and install it.. yay me!.. But for all you guys with out hitch covers give em a call see what they will do>>

09-05-11, 12:34 PM
Thanks! I am going to call tomorrow. My cover comes off sometimes while i am riding down the road. Have you had any issues since?

Cadillac Cust Svc
09-06-11, 09:09 AM
PreachRR, I am glad that you are getting this issue fixed, and its even better that it is under warranty.

Let me know how everything goes when you talk to the dealership.

Cadillac Customer Service

09-06-11, 10:38 AM
No issues.. it has been perfect. considering when I bought the truck used it wasn't there and to get this one painted and installed for free.. what can I say.. Yay!:cool:

09-18-11, 01:15 PM

I finally got the hitch cover fixed. I called the dealer and they ordered it, painted it and called me to get it put on. This new one has 2 locking tabs at the top. makes it a little harder to take off. Without a warranty it looks like around a $300 modification. Thanks guys!

09-18-11, 01:56 PM
After losing my first two I used hot glue and this one has been on now for a bout 4 months.

09-18-11, 06:42 PM
After losing my first two I used hot glue and this one has been on now for a bout 4 months.

I thought the 2010's had the rear bumper modified from the factory. If there aren't 2 holes where your hitch cover mounts, I would take it in and have them modify it.