: Bluetooth Question

04-29-11, 01:56 AM
I have my cell phone paired to the navigation system in my car. When the phone rings, the caller's number shows on the screen but there is no ringing sound from the system. Is this the way it is designed or is there a setting I haven't found yet?

04-29-11, 05:39 AM
From memory I think mine does the same. The sound system cuts out, the number is displayed with answer options (talk, ignore or yes, no,) some kind of answer button choices and my phone itself does the ringing.

04-29-11, 12:10 PM
My 05 V6 is the same as you guys'

04-29-11, 09:43 PM
Press the VR Button on the steering wheel or the green phone softkey on the display to answer a call. If you don't hear anything, turn up the volume a bit. (Some people think the system isn't working and it's just that the volume was set too low.)

The volume should be set no louder than necessary for best call quality for the person at the other end. The system does remember the setting completely separate from the volume level of Navigation or entertainment sources.

04-30-11, 12:34 AM
I don't have any trouble making or receiving a call. I just was wondering if the phone was supposed to ring through the speakers.

04-30-11, 02:37 AM
The ringer on the phone rings on mine.


04-30-11, 10:24 PM
Your phone rings through the car speakers?

05-02-11, 10:14 PM
No it physically rings.

05-02-11, 10:34 PM
I'm still confused. Is just the phone ringing or does the ringing come from the phone and the speakers?