: EBTCM Replaced

04-28-11, 06:28 PM
I just had my EBTCM rebuilt and had a local shop install. The CEL went off, the speedometer now works, but the TC and ABS lights are still on. Anybody have any suggestions?

04-29-11, 12:36 PM
Your best bet would be going to autozone and have them pull the codes on it. It could be a speed sensor one of the wheels. Or the worst scenario would be, they didn't completely repair your EBTCM and it would have to go back. When they repair the EBTCM, they normally just repair one burnt wire, a common area but there has been another wire inside that most people dont look at.
Mine went out and I bought a new one so I decided to open it up. What I found was, the wire they normally replace was not burnt but it was the other wire no one looks at.
I plan on repairing it for future needs but I need to do the repair under a microscope because the wires are so small.

Good luck..

05-04-11, 11:31 AM
Thanks for the info. The ABS light actually wen't off after 3 days and hasn't come back on since. (Very strange). Now the only light is the TC light, which I'm not too concerned with since everything appears to be working now!

05-04-11, 02:09 PM
might want to pull of dash benzel and be sure the TC button is connected properly. cause when its on that means that the traction controll is not working.
It will not harm the car though.