: Road Service Clubs AAA or what ever other companys there are are you a member ?

04-27-11, 09:05 PM
are you a Member of AAA or any other road service Clubs like threw your Mobile phone service or a program threw you Insurance company
do you have a program that say came with your car when purchased or what do you do

I have AAA Preimire Membership i have it mostly for the 200 mile tow's im permited insted of the basic wich yeah is cheaper but its really not a purpose to it i don't think considering after the first 3 miles you pay like 3-8 dollars per mile depending on what city or state you live in
so my Premier service for 117 a year gives me 200 miles per tow
i use it mostly just for when im out of town or when im more then 20 miles from then 20 miles from the repair shop

If im with in 20 miles or if i just need a tire changed or a jump start then i use my 2 dollar a month program i pay for threw my att cell phone

what about you

i know someone who said to me ones i have my own shop im a mechanic why do i need AAA i can change my own tire and fix my own car
i asked him about a year latter how it worked out
when he was out of town and car broke down needed to be towed 130 miles back home and had to pay full price he said he should have listened to me and got some service lol
he owns his own shop and has his own tow truck
but that does not do diddly for him being 130 miles away form where his truck is lol

so what do you use