: Clear bra

04-27-11, 08:11 PM
I spoke to an installer about putting the bra on the front bumper, complete hood, headlights, mirrors, rockers and a portion of the rear bumper of my black 2010 Escalade. He quoted a price of $1800, which seems a bit excessive to me. When questioned I determined covering the whole hood was driving the up the cost. I wanted the complete hood covered to hide any lines. The gentleman had an early 2000 midsized SUV with a bra on it and indicated that the job was 5-7 yrs old. The quality of work wasn’t too bad but the actual film did have quite a bit of orange peel. The installer said because of the thickness of the film it wouldn’t be as smooth as the paint. I was immediately turned off when I saw it on the hood of his car. Does modern film still have orange peel?? I believe he said he uses Venture Shield. I can’t put that on the hood of my car, especially with it being black.

04-27-11, 10:04 PM
You might have better luck with a 3-M Clear Bra. No orange peel on my car and install was $500 (only did the front end, mirrors and headlights) through an authorized installer. Seven years old and it still looks brand-new!


04-28-11, 01:26 PM
Yea, most clear bra's still have a look of orange peel in it, just because it is a material that moves with temperature, and flexes. But for the price over having stonechips! I'll take it!

04-28-11, 10:45 PM
In February of '05, I had a clear bra installed on my brand new CTS-V. I had the entire front fascia, the hood (about the first 4-6"), the headlights the mirrors, the wheel arches, and the top of the rear bumper done for about $850. Though I can easily see the edge where numerous coats of Zaino have been applied, I do not see the orange peel texture that others are talking about. I absolutely LOVE my clear bra.

04-29-11, 11:32 PM
Thank you all very much for taking the time to make some suggestions. I have a very discriminating eye but would rather see Clear Bra than bugs and stone chips. Ill research the installers and hopefully will report back how happy I am. Thank you once again.

05-04-11, 10:03 AM
We had 3m put on my moms radiant silver srx and it turned out great. Highly recommend but get the installer that is recommended the most in your area. Ask several dealers who they use and also body shops, they'll know who does the best work.
I also suggest getting the door edges done.