: electrical cut out

04-27-11, 07:18 AM
Hello all! My 91 brougham has learned a new trick. Moments after I start her up and put her in gear, she cuts out the electrical and kills the engine. I mean everything goes dark. Then after a few seconds everything comes back up again.
Then I have to re-start her. admittedly I do have the front passenger door interior panel off, and the electrics unplugged so as to replace a lock mechanism, but would that cause this "short" in the circuitry?

Thanks in advance.


04-27-11, 09:27 AM
Check both battery cables at the battery and follow them to their ultimate destinations (the block and the alternator). That was happening to my '01 DTS for months. It gradually got worse, to the point where the car would just die and leave me stranded. It would start back up at random and be fine. Turned out the negative battery cable had worn/corroded where I couldn't see it. When I put the car in gear, the torque from the engine would make and break the connection - but only sometimes. Eventually it broke almost completely in two, and the problem was then obvious.

I don't see how having the door electrics unplugged would cause a total blackout.

cadillac kevin
04-27-11, 12:07 PM
^what Jim said.
also, check the battery terminal connections (the screws that hold the wire into the battery). one of mine would come loose, which would cause the car to cut out right after starting (engine torque would jostle it loose.) I got stuck at college and ended up taping the terminal to the battery (instead of calling a tow). while driving, the connection would come loose and the car would start to die (engine would try to die and interior lights would dim.)
having your door electronics exposed would not cause that issue. the only thing that could possibly do is blow the interior fuse or ground out your interior electronics (radio, lights, power windows locks and seats), causing them to sometimes not work. (it wouldnt harm anything, just make the electronics not work). it would not cause the engine to die

04-28-11, 06:07 PM
Thanks for the input, guys. I'll be giving her the once-over tomorrow. Cross your fingers.
Again, Thanks!


04-29-11, 02:56 PM
Sound like classic dirty side post.