: Cadillac's Future

Lord Cadillac
04-26-11, 10:15 AM
If you ask me, things are looking pretty good.. Even though I don't see any definite V8s in anything but trucks and V-Series cars (and possibly a new premium sedan) - I'm optimistic.

The DTS is going away and it's being replaced by the XTS.
The STS is going away and it's being replaced by a bigger CTS.
The CTS is leaving a spot for a new entry-level vehicle and that'll be the ATS.
The SRX is selling really nicely and improvements are coming very soon.

I think everything above translates into many more sales.. These sales will likely translate into the full-size rear wheel drive premium luxury sedan many of us are hoping to see at Cadillac dealerships one day. As it stands, we think that vehicle will be named off the platform it's using - Cadillac Omega (http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=308).

04-26-11, 10:48 AM
Not to be confused with an Olds Omega....

04-26-11, 10:59 AM
OK, let's see if I have this right.
Deville became DTS which will now become XTS (not to be confused with XLR).
Seville became STS which will now become CTS (not to be confused with the smaller entry level CTS).
Catera became CTS which will now replace the STS that replaced the Seville.
Omega conjures up images of Cimmeron or Oldsmobile to me.

Am I the only one who sees this? Cadillac seems to be loosing it's distinction and becoming just another bunch of meaningless letters (like all the others). Deville, Seville, Eldorado, Brougham, Concours, all stood out and there was no doubt that they were Cadillacs. Seems to me that they are just donning camouflage and following the rest of the lemmings.

04-26-11, 11:38 AM
Not to be confused with an Olds Omega....Or an opel omega

Lord Cadillac
04-26-11, 11:46 AM
The name Omega isn't set in stone. It's the name of the platform but rumors have been going around for a year or so that it'll also be used as the name.. In ATS, "A" stands for "Alpha". I'd rather this new car be named Omega than OTS. :p In the end, I'm sure it'll have a good name.. For the record, I'm not crazy about all the name changes either...

04-26-11, 12:04 PM
Yeah there was a thread recently (in the last 6mos i guess) where these naming 'issues' were talked about ad nauseam

I'm in the anti alphabet soup camp also

04-26-11, 12:37 PM
Cadillac has had so many ten year peiods, interrupted by maybe a brilliant car or two, of boring uninspired cars over the last decades ...... and this new lineup seems to be more of the same. I quess I'll just continues maintaining the Cadillacs thta I like until a Cadillac, or some other make, "turns me on!"

Lord Cadillac
04-26-11, 02:05 PM
I just buy whatever it is I like.. That's the way I think it should be done. I don't care where it's made or who makes it. If I had an illness that left me with two months to live - and there were two medications that could save my life - I would not make sure the one I took came from "country A". I'd just take the F'ing one that works.