: iphone 4 and blue tooth question Escalade 2007

04-25-11, 09:02 PM
I have a 2007 Escalade, absolutely loaded, Nav and whole 9 yards. I live in Cabo San Lucas Mexico so it is difficult to get good help. I am wanting to find a bluetooth solution, and have tried to find the info on the site, but I'm not very technical, so I don't understand very well what people are talking about.

Is there a way to get bluetooth that works with the screen that plays DVD's and XM radio in my car? Something that "appears" factory?

Will the sound from APPS on the phone play through a possible solution? For example, I have an XM APP on my phone and would like it if the sound from the phone will play through the speakers via bluetooth?

04-25-11, 10:03 PM
You can install lockpick to get bluetooth/ipone integration, but I don't think you can run the iphone apps through the Nav system it only connects to the itunes library songs/movies in your phone, unless you connect your iPhone through AUX connection

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04-26-11, 01:07 PM
Unless you can find some unit that interfaces with your factory audio/video system which is capable of A2DP bluetooth - you're probably out of luck. Even if that animal existed, probably all you would be able to access on your phone would be your songs / playlists. The only way to get video is thru some of the "lockpick" units available.
If you want to have audio from your apps (Pandora radio, etc.) currently, the only way to play that thru the head unit is to plug into the headphone jack of the phone. In that case you also have to have factory RSE or have a newer model which has the audio / video connectors on the back of the center console. In that case - no on screen display or control.
As a disclaimer - this applies to the current state of technology in our Cadillacs. Now if you really want to use your iPhone 4 - Ford's SYNC is the way to go......but then I wouldn't give up my Esky for any Ford :tisk:
I did see an article the other day that GM is coming up with something in "a couple of years" that will at least have the capabilities of the early SYNC systems.