: '95 Deville 4.9L Cooling System / A/C Hose Assembly R&R with Pictures

04-25-11, 11:24 AM
I did this because I replaced my A/C hose assembly and it was leaking. The A/C Compressor is under the exhaust manifold, above the frame and between the radiator and the engine. It's not easy to get to, I could even see it when I put it on I did it by feel. So I wasn't sure if I got the hose assembly on the compressor good.

So, I took removed the radiator and A/C condenser:


The radiator looked new, because it was behind the condenser, which was filthy:




A close up of the area in question; the A/C compressor, hose assembly, and the real culprit, the sensor on the hose assembly. It was loose:


Engine degreaser, sensors and connections cleaned with zero residue electronics cleaner, taped back the pigtails for the compressor and sensor and installed a new lower radiator hose. New o-ring on the a/c line sensor port.

I also stuffed some clean shop towels into the a/c hoses to keep from getting dirt in them.

The lines you see here on the bottom left are the transmission cooler lines. (There is also an auxillary transmission cooler and an oil cooler on the other side of the radiator.)


The other side; new upper radiator hose, plugged a/c lines, oil cooler lines... you can see my box of new, green a/c system o-rings on the bottom right. Replaced as needed:


Condenser goes back in:


Radiator (Oh, Canada!) goes back in:


Fans and cover back on:


Added almost a whole bottle of PAG oil, cleared codes, added refrigerant...

Pimpin' ain't easy:


06-09-11, 06:04 PM
Found a sealing washer in the driveway.

I wonder if that's why my A/C is still leaking?


06-19-11, 05:32 PM
OK, there wasn't one missing which makes me wonder where the one in the driveway came from. Maybe the line came with them and I forgot...

Oh well, I replaced them with new from the kit for my car (from Advanced) and put the hose assembly back on.

I put about a third of a bottle of PAG oil in the hose to the compressor, connected the hoses to accumulator and condenser. Two little cans of refrigerant.


I hope it lasts. It's 95F in Atlanta.

07-11-11, 08:54 PM
Didn't last, gonna be 97F tomorrow... I'm melting...

I guess now my least costly option is to have the leak diagnosed and replace that part.