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04-24-11, 10:26 PM
Before you flame me for not searching, I typed in "buy used" in the search engin and found zero results!

I drive a 2007 BMW 335i coup, 6MT and I love it, but I am about to become a daddy and I need to find something a little more practical, you know, with 4 doors and over 500HP!

Since I can buy a $70K car for under $50K and basically keep my same payments, I am definitely interested, but I need to know some of the basics before I buy. What should I look out for? Any reason why I should not buy one?

There were first year problems with my Bimmer, but they were fixed in year two - is this also true with these Caddies?

Any help is much appreciated!

04-25-11, 12:55 AM
FLAME....FLAME..FLAME.... :) Yeah, this search is pretty lane indeedy. Some cars have problems, but others and myself, have had NONE/ZERO. It's like all cars. I got a used loaded '09 myself and am very happy with it. They had almost a year to work out any issues anyway, since I never buy new unless I have to. There are people with 2011s having problems 2009s didn't. i guess just look for what you want, then what you can live with, and go from there. I road race a lot, so the Recaros were a necessity for me. Other than that, it comes standard with a lot of things that are options on other cars. I see NO reason why not to buy one myself!

04-25-11, 02:19 AM
i have an 09' and have had no mechanical or electrical issues, only issue i ever had was the dreaded clicking front wheels, which was annoying but was not harmful to the car. i have 3 small kids and they fit perfect in the back even with two booster seats, and they LOVE the supercharger whine!!

04-25-11, 07:35 AM
Always nice to buy Cadillac Certified. Best used program out there.

04-25-11, 07:46 AM
Always nice to buy Cadillac Certified. Best used program out there.

if not purchasing from a scumbag dealership.

@OP.. if buying USED.. please check and re-check the source.. it is your primary concern. make sure the purchase isn't modded.. have them check the ECM for reprogramming, and get a statement from them confirming this.

one previous poster reported that the dealer claimed to sell him a CPO, but when the engine blew due to a tune (that had been done prior to his purchase), they failed to honor the warranty, and put him through the ringer.

check, and triple check the service record. make sure it hasn't been raced and abused.

mods are a nice addition to an extent, but you shouldn't be responsible for a lost warranty due to someone else's decision to mod. their willingness to pay to play might not necessarily be yours.

good luck.

04-25-11, 08:36 AM
Buy buy buy. I bought a used 09 with 6100 miles on it, modded it to 686whp drove it everyday, and just sold it to a customer that had to have it after riding in it. I'm now trying to decide between used or new. It's the best all around car I ever owned. Pm kirbyctsv on here he went from a modded 135 to a v.

04-25-11, 11:05 AM
I came from a 09 135i...was a fun car but not very reliable (HPFP went out a few times). you have a 07 335i so bmw left out the oil cooler which made that model run pretty hot. Wont have those problems with this car...no changes to that extent from 09-11. My pref with performance cars is to buy new but that is me. I also wanted 6MT and not a fan of used manual tranny cars. As far as moving from a x35i to cts-v it was a no brainer. I like BMWs but i think for the $$ this car is a great buy. I got mine new for less than what a similar equipped M3 would cost and this is more a M5 competitor. PM me if u have any other questions

04-25-11, 01:22 PM
I have a 2009 V (bought new) and my wife has a 07 335i Sedan 6M w/Sport package (also new).

We have tracked both cars, my wife having driven both, I've only driven mine. Based on our experiences, it sounds like if you like the feel of the smaller cars you might think the V feels to big. I on the other hand think the 335i feels too small and go-karty (if that's a word). Both cars did very well on the track. I would argue the V has more overall capability but it would take longer to master.

In terms of everyday driving, the V is more comfortable and roomy. The 335i trunk is small. One thing to watch out for: if you get an 09 V there is no folding rear seat. That was added in 2010 (others can confirm this). The V is more "practical" with a family because of the size of the car.

The 335i's with manuals and/or sport package did get the oil coolers.

In terms of reliability (this is all anecdotal of course):

2 fuel pumps failed
Crankshaft position sensor failed
Camshaft bearing ledges replaced
Turbo waste gates replaced

Bose Amplifier failed
Power steering cooler leak
Oil leak (this was a TSB)
Tie rod recall

It would argue the BMW problems were in more critical areas.

04-25-11, 03:46 PM
i can attest, I came from a 2007 335i auto w oil cooler to a 6MT 2010 V sedan.. i got mine with 6Kmiles on it and man, I am loving this car too much.

on the BMW i had lots and lots of issues. Everything from HPFP to O2 sensors, to differential seal being replaced to light bulbs going out and the adaptive headlamp issues I had to deal with. So far, this car is great and the cooled seats had me feeling great.

The transmission is beautiful to drive and is really enjoyable. Never making an auto mistake again haha

04-25-11, 07:46 PM
I sold a 06 M5 for this car, I love it. Feels like it has much more power , although it's really not much quicker in the quarter. I haven't had mine long but like it. And you don't see a billion of them around which is also nice. I always get the thumbs up from other owners. And it's cheap to mod is the best part.

04-25-11, 10:51 PM
Thanks guys for all your help. Having gone from a 2001 IS300 to a 2007 BMW and never respecting American cars, this will be a big leap for me. I just need to see if the baby seat fits before I test drive the car, otherwise I am sure I will end up with a slightly less impractical grocery getter.

I have been through 3 HPFP's, 1 LPFP, and had all of my fuel lines, rails, and injectors replaced on my car. I never would have thought that I would even look at American, but BMW has disappointed me to the point to where now I am looking. My biggest qualm with American cars is their propensity to rattle. My old Lexus still doesn't rattle and neither does my bimmer. Has anyone noticed the V's resistance to rattle?

04-25-11, 10:54 PM
you know hammer, I had the EXACT same inner dialogue: "to buy american after german" honestly I love the car. Simply put, I don't think you can go wrong. The styling in the front is amazing, not the best in the rear, but the interior is really nice. The recaros are a must I think

04-25-11, 11:28 PM
1 - I like buying from a private owner, good to know the history
2 - Didn't search out Recaros, but man, once you sit in them....ahhh.
3 - Went from an '07 MT V to a '09 Auto and I don't really miss the manual, the car is just so fast - you would have to be really good to keep up with an auto...1st gear is over in no time (FYI Auto V's start in 2nd unless you push over to sport mode)
4 - One thing I was worried about the auto was keeping it in a low gear when cornering (to enable coming out of it without having a downshift on exit) but the V takes into account lateral g's in sport mode (according to the manual - seems to work)
5 - If you can, find one around 10-15K with original tires, you know it wasn't beat on if they have tread.
6 - Dont buy one with mods
7 - Once you make a deal, take the VIN to a Caddy dealer service desk and have them make sure the warranty is still good and service history looks OK - make sure the seller is straight up.

I found mine on ebay and could not be more pleased...the 3 kids love it..(no coupe here)