: Can anyone comment on the differences in '06 to '10 Vin Y (LD8) engines from '05

04-23-11, 09:54 AM
From what I can tell the injectors and throttle body are definitly different. Does anyone know if the heads and internals are the same? How about sensors? Thanks! Andy

04-25-11, 04:23 PM
In 2006, what I know so far:

Cam Position sensor moved from exhaust cam to intake cam

Throttle body changed to "throttle by wire"

Fuel injectors and rail changed

04-25-11, 05:24 PM
The 06+ runs 1 crank sensor located near the starter
the 06+ runs a 58 tooth reluctor ring on the crank

the oler ones run a 24X

04-28-11, 08:46 AM
Thanks AJxtcman! That would definitly make a swap more difficult. Good to know!