: parts for 84 cadillac deville

04-21-11, 09:07 PM
hello, im having problems finding parts for my 84 devile, steering wheel, both door panels and various odds and ends, can somebody steer me to where i can find reproduction parts(if they make them) or salvage. thanks

cadillac kevin
04-21-11, 10:57 PM
repro cosmetic parts arent really made for our cars. salvage yards are your best bet. also try asking for what parts you need in the rwd wanted/ for sale thread (at the top of the rwd fleetwood brougham page). someone might just have what you need.

05-06-11, 06:02 AM
I am getting a 1987 brougham within the next week. Car looks the same color. I believe lots of parts will be the same. Ernie. You can contact me at ern.sue at verizon.net