View Full Version : predator or superchip

04-21-11, 08:30 AM
i am getting a chip for the escalade...i have a cold air intake and exhaust already...my truck guy says the new superchip is the way to go, buti always hear good about predator...is there really a difference or no?...DOES IT REALL Y MATTER AT END OF DAY OR SHOULD I GET THE CHEAPER ONE?

04-21-11, 10:03 AM
No matter which handheld programmer you choose, you are always limited in your ability to program. Hence the best way to go is to get either HPTuners or EFILive and go from there. Requires a lot of learning, though, before you can fully use to your benefit.

04-21-11, 09:50 PM
no shot...dont have time for all that..have a guy to program it for me..give me my options make a choice put it in and ride...

04-21-11, 10:54 PM
Predator is good. I have one I am looking to sell. I went with a custom dyno tune...

04-22-11, 12:54 AM
Where can I get a custom tune? How much better is it? Cost?

04-22-11, 07:54 AM
bstiff why u selling it...is it the newer verson?

04-22-11, 10:26 AM
It is a newer version, but I have a buddy who showed me dyno tunes are more explosive... But more spark, more fuel!

04-22-11, 03:02 PM
I would go with either a predator or a trinity from diablo sport. No foot print for warranty purposes.

04-22-11, 04:44 PM
I would go with either a predator or a trinity from diablo sport. No foot print for warranty purposes.

Do the superchips leave a foot print???

04-22-11, 04:52 PM
I have the predator. Gone back and forth with Stock and Performance Tunes on it for the past year. There really isn't much of a difference. You get little bit less "shifting". I like it but don't expect too much or you'll be disappointed.

04-22-11, 09:44 PM
unfortunately I believe that Diablo sport is the only one that does not leave a foot print there is no other info about the others ..but there has been rumors that GM has sniffer programs that detect the presence of aftermarket programing..

04-23-11, 08:16 AM
actually just looking to help gas mileage and to go with new exhaust and cai...

Hell Hound
05-03-11, 12:27 AM
I bought the Predator. I didn't notice any difference whatsoever. I was completely disappointed. It was a pain in the ass doing all the data logging for nothing. I think the only way to go, is to get a custom tune.